Monday, October 15, 2007

Small Treasures - opens November 10th

We've talked about doing this for years.

On November 10th we're opening a Small Treasures show at our Orleans gallery. It will include artists from all three of our galleries - many of whom don't usually work in smaller formats. We've wanted to do this because we love the idea of having paintings be more accessible. Art for all!

Several of the artists we represent have responded with enthusiasm and we're already getting images of what they're creating. As we know about them, we'll post the paintings here. They won't be here for sale until November 10, but you can get a sneak preview. Check the page often.

Artists were only given the guidelines of "small" and "$500 or less" - so it's anyone's guess what will show up!

Think how nicely they'll fit in a gift box (for you).

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