Friday, November 21, 2008

Kate Nelson on working small

"One would think a large painting would be more "work" than a small. But often that's not the case. The sensory impulse which draws me to create large sweeping gestures which are possible in a 4 foot canvas need to find an alternate outlet in a 8 or 12 inch piece. How to keep the freshness of a spontaneous mark and find richness in texture, color and form? A challenge. Overworking is an ever-lurking danger. Freshness with substance, there's the key.
"Small beautiful things impel us to pay attention, to halt the passage of time, to get lost in the details. Intimate. Accessible. Approachable. Affordable." - Kate Nelson

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Carolina Elizabeth said...

This is so absolutely true. People think that I cannot work on big paintings and that that is the reason why I paint small. I find it more challenging to paint in a tiny canvas than a larger one. One must know exactly what to edit on the painting so that the painting has all the detail desired for a strong and finished composition without making it awfully fussy or crowed. I am so glad you said what I have always thought was true. Thank you.