Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Left Bank in the New York Times

Oh dear, the secret's out.

A couple days ago there was an article in the New York Times about how peaceful Cape Cod is in the off season (Sounds of Silence on Cape Cod, by Laura M. Holson).

While the author stayed in Chatham, she did make her way down the Cape to Wellfleet for lunch at the Wicked Oyster. And what's a trip to Wellfleet without a visit to Left Bank Gallery? A travesty, that's what. A travesty she deftly avoided.

Ms. Holson describes finding her way to our Small Works gallery, where she bought a Christina Goodman brooch. My, what lovely taste she has!

The article made me want to go take a walk on the beach and explore some of the places she describes - especially the hot stone massage at CBI.

Our crocuses have come up, which means we won't have long to listen to those sounds of silence. In Ms. Holson's words:
"And along the shore, there is always the promise of spring, when small waves frozen in sand will retreat with the thaw and slip back to sea, waiting to embrace the crowds when they arrive once again."

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