Monday, March 23, 2009

Michael Magyar - a studio visit

Every once in awhile we get out and about and do some visiting. Last week we dropped by to see Michael Magyar in his studio, Glass Studio on Cape Cod.

Unfortunately, we were not there on a glass blowing day. That meant they were able to chat with us a bit, but it also means we'll have to go back later for some awesome demonstration photos. Darn.

We love seeing where people work! To be in a space where they make the art we unpack and display at the gallery is kind of magical. Especially if you're a kid.

There's a box labeled "for kids only!" It's full of glass bobbles. Kids get to pick out a bobble to take home. It's important work, picking out the perfect one.

Everywhere you look there are ornaments and glasses, vases and lamps. Because we spend so much of our time with artists, we take some of this for granted. Despite the rose-colored glasses (no pun intended) through which we view the world, everything people use and buy is NOT made this way anymore. With mysterious looking tools and very hot fires, with techniques handed down through generations. It makes you look differently at your water glass.

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