Saturday, April 11, 2009

Niche interview

Thanks to our award, NICHE magazine interviewed Audrey recently. Here's what she had to say (the interview is here):

What is your best-selling medium and price range?
Our best-selling medium is ceramics, and our best-selling price range is $30 to $150. We have a very diverse collection of ceramics, from decorative to what we call the “potter’s pottery.” We offer functional pieces that enhance your everyday life and make you feel connected to the artisan.

What is your most surprising best seller?
Ed and Kate Coleman’s pottery. Their tiles show their creative spirit, and our clients love putting sets of three or six together.

Do you see more tourist or local traffic? What do you do to appeal to these groups?
We are basically in a seasonal area. Our summer traffic is our busiest season, with a shoulder season on both ends. We are fortunate to also represent a collection of fine art paintings of all styles. This gives us an opportunity to have a wider audience of buyers.

Have you had to change your marketing campaign in light of the current economy?
We have not changed our focus in what we purchase. We find our clients know us for our outstanding collection of ceramics, and they seek us out when purchasing gifts that they know are handcrafted.

Have you altered your budget in light of the current economy?
We have altered our budget somewhat, as far as the size of our orders. We have not changed our price points. We would never change the quality of the work carry.

What is your local economy like now? How are you altering your business model to reflect this?
Our clients are being very cautious, but they are still buying. We are giving incentives like holiday sales and free shipping. We try to encourage a dialogue with our clients to help them understand the crafts we sell. We love telling them stories about our artists and their accomplishments.

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