Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hardwear by Renee

In today's episode of What is Susan Freaking Out About in the Gallery Now? we meet this lovely Hardwear by Renee handbag:

Yes, the picture is taken at my house because I succumbed to the charms of this particular bag. In the background is the zucchini plant that is plotting world domination. But that is neither here nor there.

Things I love about my brandy spandy new Hardwear by Renee handbag:

  • It is made from leftover marine vinyl, which means it's environmentally friendly AND can be wiped off.
  • The bottom is wood, so it stays flat instead of flopping over and spilling its contents all over the place.
  • I get tons of compliments about it and everyone wants to know where I got it.
We don't have them up on the website (someone was too busy picking out which one she wanted to take pictures), but if you call the gallery, they can tell you what sizes and colors are available. 508-247-9172 (Orleans) or 508-349-7939 (Wellfleet)

And then you can just sit back and acknowledge the compliments.

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