Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Small Works

If you won the lottery, would you go back to work?

Apparently I would. I've worked for Left Bank over the last several years, but have mostly been a quasi-stay-at-home mom. Which is almost like winning the lottery.

Now the babies are not babies, and I've been invited to hold down the fort in Wellfleet a couple days a week. I can't believe how happy I am to be here. First of all, oh my lord THE JEWELRY. I swear I spend the first couple hours just deciding what to wear.* Second, CONVERSATIONS! WITH ADULTS! It's pretty dreamy, especially when those adults are here to talk about art and try on some jewelry.

So come by and say hello! Who knows how long they'll let me stay. But while I'm here, I'm happy to talk art with you. And make lunch suggestions. I'm particularly good at that.

*don't tell Gerry. He already wonders why he pays me.

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