Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dale Mark & everyday-use pottery

This just in! Pottery by Dale Mark:

"My start with pottery occurred when I volunteered on an archaeological excavation of a 19th century red earthenware pottery. What a thrill! Soon, I realized I wanted to make pots. After travelling through various pottery classes and a stint in a college ceramic program, in 1995 I opened a studio and began learning.

I work alone, accompanied by a radio, throwing pots on a wheel. My vessels are made with porcelain, decorated with colour slips underneath a variety of coloured glazes, then fired in a reduction kiln to 2380C. Two traditions influence my pots. The initial exposure to everyday-use pottery made by those long-ago local country potters with straightforward forms, simple glazes and minimal decoration, and Chinese porcelains with their balanced copper and celadon glazed vessels." - Dale Mark

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