Monday, January 11, 2010

Tin Men

Tin Men, by Valerie Bunnell, coming soon to a website near you. If you can't wait to see them, stop by the gallery and say hello!

"Old dolls, marionettes and puppets continue to fascinate me with their enigmatic spirits and hidden past lives. As an artist I have always wanted to create unusual objects that could refer to other realities, which would possess a mysterious logic of existence. My first ceramic figure began as a kind of recreation of an antique doll.

As I carve, texture and mark the clay, a narrative identity emerges. The narrative implications of the work seem to originate as much with the viewer as with myself. In the Tin men series the antique container inspires the character. These one-of-a-kind figures display a richness of texture and hand coloring. Whether suspended or standing on their own, one may discover their personalities, open them up, and even use them to hide small treasures." - Valerie Bunnell

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