Monday, April 4, 2011

Linda Cordner

"Tinyscape 28" 5"x5" encaustic

Blinking into sunlight, squinting into dusk.

Lately I've been drawn to art that looks the way I see the world - or more accurately, how I perceive it. I don't think this is completely a result of aging eyesight, but one can't discount the possibility completely.

There are things I perceive in technicolor brightness: Birthday parties, strawberry shortcake and Airstream trailers, for instance. Other things I see through lengthening shadows. There's the single light traveling off-shore at dusk, under a purple-blue sky that's exactly the color my daughter wants her room painted if only we could take a slice of the sky to the paint store to match. You could strain to see detail, but that's not the point now is it?

"Tinyscape 32" 6"x6" encaustic

Encaustic is perfect for this kind of scene. The wax diffuses the image, camouflaging some parts and giving depth to others. In her encaustic paintings, Linda Cordner fits an entire experience into a 6" x 6" block.

Fireflies, a neighbor's porchlight, the sound of spring's first frogs.

Yes, I hear frogs in paintings. Doesn't everyone? This is the way I see the world - captured in time and wax.

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Linda said...

What a beautiful description!