Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our holiday sale starts today!

All jewelry, crafts and wearables in stock* (except Christmas ornaments, Wellfleet Clocks and cards) are 15% off. So much to chose from!

*Sale does not include consigned items - artwork, sculpture, some jewelry and a few crafts (we'll mark what's not included).

So what is included? Candleholders, not-Wellfleet clocks, mugs, jewelry boxes, scarves, fingerless gloves, handbags, bracelets, teapots, placemats, tiles, vases, measuring spoons, necklaces, cutting boards, serving trays, hats, jackets, wallets, napkin rings, soap dishes, ikebanas, fountains, frames, glassware, paperweights, pitchers, lamps, pillows, earrings, cookware, and oh so much more.

It's best if you stop by and see for yourself, but if you've had your eye on something and are now in Honolulu, give us a call! We'll let you know if it's still here and reunite you with it post haste.

Depending on where you are, we may bring it ourselves. (Not that Cape Cod isn't completely lovely in November....)

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