Monday, August 12, 2013

Graceann Warn and Susan Anthony - summer 2013

Two new shows open Saturday, August 17: Graceann Warn's "Proof" and Susan Anthony's "Pieces of Sand, Sea and Sky." Both shows are at Left Bank Gallery,  25 Commercial Street, Wellfleet, and begin with a reception on August 17 from 6 to 8pm.

Science and art collide in Graceann Warn's show, "Proof."

"Science is showing up a little more these days as I find myself pondering our collective future. I am inspired by science and the quest for discovery. I rejoice in intellectual curiosity. I am strangely comforted by knowing that certain things are unquantifiable.”

Graceann Warn is a full time studio artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Her paintings and assemblages have been shown and collected nationally and internationally for over twenty five years.

The inspiration for her work comes from many places, including her background in landscape architecture and classical studies. A passion for travel is evident, along with a love for materials and design.

“The art I make combines elements of beauty and classical form with an underlying sense of mystery that (hopefully) compels you to look at it over and over again," Graceann says. "While the pieces reflect my obsession with logic and numerical rationales, I try to infuse a lyricism within the multiple layers of paint and paper that comprise them. Albert Einstein once said 'Once I understand what something is, I don’t have to think about it anymore.' I never want my work to be that finite."

Graceann's work is as much about the process as the finished product. "My labor in the studio is reflected in the surfaces of my paintings so that the human element is revealed and apparent. Lately I believe more than ever that humans cannot deny their need for something authentic –even sublime- to inspire and transport them.  Art can do that."

Susan Anthony first came to us as an emerging artist in the first Wellfleet Blossoms festival, in 2012.

In Pieces of Sea, Sand and Sky," Susan deconstructs our landscape and reconstructs it with slivers of the everyday. Using scissors, an X-ACTO knife and Sobo glue, Susan assembles landscapes from tiny pieces cut from magazines and catalogs. Textures are created, layered with swaths of marsh grass and rippled water.

"I love the colors of the Cape," she says."The blues of sky and sea mirroring each other, the warm gold of a fall salt marsh, the purple branches of a winter meadow. I think I’m drawn to collage because it is about creating images using primarily color and shape."

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