Monday, September 9, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Carol Aust

Carol Aust's paintings are moments caught in the act - acts of tranquility, courage, joy. 

Through her subjects, Carol gives us a glimpse of human emotion, on the brink of events small and large. They tell stories of everyday moments, showing the first step or that one instant that everything changed.

Maybe we're projecting, but the current collection is full of hope, curiosity and promise: An intimate dance in the woods, the optimistic first steps of a journey, the surprise of a brightly candled cake, a spontaneously joyful leap.


Sailing over the turbulence.

Perhaps it's the time of year that makes everything look this way. Instead of wondering what's next, we realize we're in the middle of what's next. Just like Carol's paintings.

Carol works in acrylic on canvas and wood panels from her studio in Oakland, California. In her work you'll find influence of artists including Emil Nolde, Marc Chagall, Kathe Kollwitz, and the German expressionists. 

We hope whatever moment you're caught in the middle of, it's full of promise.

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