Sunday, October 13, 2013

being social

Have you found us on Facebook and Twitter?
We noticed on the gallery's Facebook account that there's a place to upload newsletter contacts so we can extend an invitation to connect on social media sites.
It seemed like a good idea, except that we promised to take good care of your email address.
So we're extending the invitation here: Would you like to join us on Facebook and Twitter? You'll get a glimpse of the gallery, an insider's view of the Cape and a taste of a few of our favorite things on any given day. 
Eric Beck installs new fish
(Eric Beck, hanging more Steampunk fish because they swim really fast.)
We post when new things come into the gallery, share information on what's going on in our community and try to make your newsfeed a more beautiful place (without cluttering your inbox). 
What Labor Day looked like in Wellfleet
On twitter we found out we were #1 on the Cape Cod A-list and discovered one of our Earth & Fire seagulls had made it on Apartment Therapy. Just this morning, we made friends with a quahog.
Won't you join us online? Click the photos above to go to Facebook and Twitter. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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