Monday, February 24, 2014

Steven Kennedy's signs of spring

It sounds like we're in for this again.

Don't get us wrong, we love Steven Kennedy's paintings. Even the ones he had to bundle up to paint. But we're really, really ready for spring.

It's almost March, so pretty soon we can trade this scene

for this scene.

Or maybe this. 

We're hoping for warmer weather because Steven paints en plein air and we don't want him to get cold. He doesn't complain, but the thought of him standing in the snow for hours makes us wish for spring.

We can practically smell the day this was painted. Can't you?

Spring is just around the corner, we know it! Right after these next few inches of snow.

In the meantime, Steven will keep bundling up and documenting these views just as he sees them. Since the early 1980s, Steven Kennedy has worked in the “plein air” tradition, painting directly from life outdoors in the many variations of weather and season.

He paints what he sees, staying loose while keeping the details. Steven calls his style painterly realism. (Those of us who sometimes forget our glasses think they look very realistic.)

Click here for a reminder of what the Cape looks like when it's warm. Steven's work is shown in Orleans and on Commercial Street in Wellfleet.

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