Monday, November 26, 2007

Mary Bourke to Wellfleet

Every once in a while we move things around just to keep you on your toes. Most recently, we've moved all of Mary Bourke's paintings to the Commercial Street gallery, where she'll have her show next summer.

It's been interesting watching people respond to the art currently at Cove Road, in the Small Treasures show. With the majority of our artists represented in one place, our guests have an overview of what they may have missed in the two Wellfleet galleries.

And thanks to Douglas Karlson at the Cape Codder for writing such a nice article about our show! We're sure it helped - the gala opening was packed. We have pictures that we'll post soon.

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diana said...

I wish I could have made it to the Gala! I was there in spirit (and snooped around the day before to check out the goods) I'm sure all my favorites are gone, I'll have to settle for checking them out on the web. So many to choose from!