Monday, November 26, 2007

Staff Picks: Susan

Remember that fantasy where you're sitting with the FAO Schwartz catalog and someone tells you to pick ANYTHING you want? I sometimes have that at work. In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone who works here does, so I thought I'd start a Staff Picks series.

I've asked everyone for their wishlists, but in the meantime, I'll go first. Here's what currently makes me giddy.

Right outside the office door is this painting by Ellen Rolli:

I hide out in the office a lot, so I get to look at it most of the day. Handy, that.

I have already gone on and on about my new found love of woodfired pottery. I can't go to Commercial Street without snooping around for a new piece of this or that. There's currently a shallow Dog Bar bowl I'm eyeing. I am also devotedly smitten with Liz Kinder and Thea Tenenbaum in Orleans.

There is a Bill Starke sculpture in the front window at Cove Road right now that's pretty great. We don't have pictures of the ones we have (bad, bad webmaster. No cookie) but this is what it looks like:

I've had a Terri Logan river rock bracelet on my wishlist for ages, in case my husband gets especially desperate at birthdays and giftie holidays:

And I have a standing order for Hessel candlesticks:

Well that about scratches the surface. More later.

Oh, and I thought we should introduce ourselves as we go. I'm the webmaster and also the media liason and marketing person. If it's about the gallery, it's my job (if it's in the gallery, that's someone else. You'll meet them too).

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