Monday, December 17, 2007

Staff Picks: Marcy

Marcy says she'd like to just stay in the back room at Commercial Street and cover herself with pottery. Maybe a sweater. She says she always tells people, "if you go anywhere and find pottery that's nicer than what you see here, please come back and tell us. Because I've never seen nicer pottery."

It took her three weeks to finalize the first draft of the first installment of her wish list. Buckle up.

Marcy narrowed her favorite pottery down to Zpots, Good Elephant, Sequoia Miller (Swimming Deer Pottery), Dog Bar, Terry Gess, Laura Ross, Vasquez, Jeffrey Kleckner, Peter Karner, David Voll, Michael Kaplenk and Hank Goodman. Oh, and Mary Fielding and Keith Kreeger!

I didn't recognize a heap of these potters so I had to scurry to the gallery and photograph some samples. Check out our freshly updated pottery roster (still in the works, but with lots of new folks).

It's also hard to keep Marcy out of the jewelry displays. She is, in fact, a walking jewelry display. Her favorites du jour are Teresa Carson, Sarah Graham, Baharal Gnida, Somers and Fullerton Bahr.

Also she loves Giselle Shepatin, and paintings by Carol Odell, Joanne Williams and Carole Rollins.

Marcy works in all three galleries, although she spends most of her time in Orleans. Be sure to say hello - she'll be the one looking wistfully at whatever new arrivals she's unpacking.

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