Monday, November 9, 2009

Flameware - everyday handmade

In preparation for a woodfire show, we asked some of our potter friends to comment on handmade vs. commercial pottery (which is like asking the choir to comment on elevator music). This is what Sequoia Miller had to say:

I find using industrial ceramics to be like having a conversation with a mute person. Handmade objects have a particular point of view that is a combination of the maker, the material, and the user. Using handmade anything simply gives you more to respond to. It’s like riding a horse versus driving a car, only much less inconvenient.

Bearing that in mind, meet Flameware, by Terry Silverman

I, for one, have some great serving pieces but am not a fan of making extra dirty dishes for everyday meals. Flameware is safe to put on the stove top and in the oven, so you can cook in it AND serve out of it.

There really is something about interacting with handmade items that makes life just a little more nourishing.

Flameware makes a coffee pot, baking pans, skillets, sauce pans, butter warmers and more. Check them out on our website and find them in the gallery on Commercial Street in Wellfleet.

It's like riding a horse, only less inconvenient.

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