Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"To me, this is what heaven must look like."

Recently we asked our facebook friends "if you could inhabit a painting, which would you pick?" Here are some answers (with paintings we picked to go with them):

"Easy- any Mary Bourke involving swimmin, cats, bikes and pie." - Jennifer

"any one of Jim Holland's paintings I would inhabit. Ahhh, bliss! Just thinking of this having just gotten home from work, I feel my muscles relax, I see the light he paints that I see at the Cape so often and feel the serene atmosphere. I smell the sea breeze and feel it on my skin despite being on the mainland as I write." - Kate

"I would be happy living inside any of Jim Holland's paintings too ... but I'd be equally happy living inside one of Peter Coes' works. The pastel color schemes, the recurring appearances of idyllic settings, dollhouses, lighthouses and cats ... the ocean viewed through an open window with fluttering curtains ... a vase of freshly-picked flowers atop a carved wooden table ... the intensely imaginative symbolism. To me, this is what heaven must look like." - Beverly

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