Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cosmonaut Volkov and an edible still life

When people visit the gallery, they ask lots of questions unrelated to art. Questions about lunch, coffee and beach stickers, for instance. In the case of lunch, people get more of an answer than they bargained for.

One of our favorite places to go is the South Wellfleet General Store, in the now impossibly-trendy SoWo neighborhood (alongside Route 6 at LeCount Hollow Road, across from Blackfish Creek). If you are remotely hungry right now, you might want to skip this.

Chef Tony took over the kitchen this year and has changed the way Wellfleet eats. Some of the seasonal sandwiches he's making at the moment are:
  • Fresh Striped Bass with fried green tomatoes and onion marmalade on a griddled Portuguese roll
  • Grilled bluefish with Portuguese vinegar onions and braised radicchio
  • The Uncle Vasco - Portuguese chourizo with peppers
  • Slow-cured roast pork, pickled onions, local baby arugula and apple mayo
On the kids menu they have a Nutella banana panini. You don't have to pretend it's for a kid (trust us).

It should go without saying that they use only fresh, local ingredients. If you're curious about what kinds of ingredients they use, take a look in the produce section. Fresh produce comes from Redberry Farm (Eastham), Nestwood Farm (Truro) and Sixpence Farm (Truro).

The growers at Sixpence Farm are so proud of the produce they bring Tony (and he's the only one they sell to), they've provided cards that make for great summer reading.

If you can't read the sign, it says:
"Cosmonaut Volkov
This is not a plum tomato! It is a Ukrainian Russian heirloom - smuggled across the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Named for the Soviet astronaut who lost his tether and floated off into space. Komrade Volkov is orbiting the earth as you are reading this."

Now that we think about it, people are asking questions about art. Haricot vert with garlic olive oil and sea salt art.

It's time for lunch.

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