Thursday, May 31, 2012

The hazards of advertising

We have a new theater company in town and we wanted to place an ad in their playbill. Simple enough.

Since they are practically neighbors (they are Harbor Stage Company and they are, as luck would have it, on Wellfleet Harbor), we wanted to be neighborly. The plan was to photograph a Tin Woodsman measuring scoop with a cup of sugar in it. Get it?

Sadly, our photographer was in Orleans today, where we didn't have the right scoop. So she thought quickly and said to herself "cupcakes! They'd probably like cupcakes!"

Because who doesn't like cupcakes?

She went to Hole in One and bought two gorgeous cupcakes. (And a muffin - to ensure that the cupcakes made it to the photo booth.)

For reasons she is not willing to explain (or perhaps admit to), the cupcakes didn't work out.

So we went back to the cup of sugar idea - in a less dangerous form this time.

Welcome, Harbor Stage Company! For you, we would do it all again. (In a heartbeat.)

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