Monday, May 21, 2012

History you can sit on

In 2010, a discovery was made at the site of the old Charlestown Navy Yard. During an excavation, massive naval timbers were found - dating back to 1761. These timbers were intended for use in building the USS Constitution and other vessels of the Tall Ship era.

These are those timbers.

Mystic Seaport was contacted about this discovery and Quentin Snedicker, the project manager for the rebuilding of the whale ship The Charles W. Morgan, came immediately. He was quoted in the Boston Globe as saying "Each piece by itself is a historical artifact." (read the article)

Mystic Seaport and Weathered Benches acquired the timbers, and are now offering these gorgeous benches at our Commercial Street Gallery. You can see them on our website - but please call to order. Each one is different.

Don't miss them! 

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