Tuesday, July 31, 2012

art therapy

Fay Shutzer's paintings fill us with longing to be in the places she paints. Lights twinkle on the wharf, towels hang on the line, a family stops to tie a shoe or fix a swimsuit.

A visitor to the gallery recently stopped in front of a wall of Fay's paintings and said to her friend, "I just find these so soothing."

We overheard the comment because the paintings were near one of our desks - where we also found them soothing.

We have a bit of a travel bug, and are huge fans of travel photography (like Don Krohn's). Images of Provence, Tuscany and eastern Europe make us yearn for plane tickets, wondering what the places must be like to visit. (We also get hungry for olives and figs, but that's another story).

Paintings do it, too. Not all paintings, but certainly Fay's. The thing is, we are already here - in the place she makes us long to be. Fay takes the scenes we live in, and captures them in their best moments. She paints what we see and feel when we stop to really look. It's the trip, with none of the baggage.

Fay makes us stop and remember that moments can be effortless - right where we are. Isn't that a breath of fresh air?

May your August be full of Fay Shutzer moments.

May you remember to breathe.

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