Monday, July 23, 2012

Carol Aust's "Journal Entries"

What's in your journal?

It's none of our business, really. Journals are where we work through our fears, spell out our concerns and celebrate our victories.

We're about to get a look at what Carol Aust's journal might look like. At this point we're not sure what we'll find (besides the paintings above and below).

Her new exhibit, "Journal Entries," opens at Left Bank Gallery in Wellfleet on July 28, with a reception from 6 to 8pm that day. The show runs through August 10.

Carol works in acrylic, on canvas and wood panels, from her studio in Oakland, California. Her figurative paintings are emotionally-charged narrative fragments infused with mysterious tension and secrecy. She often places her figures in precarious environments where anything could happen.

"Journal Entries" captures celebratory, tranquil or lonely moments. Carol's paintings express a wide range of human desire and yearning, featuring figures that are both engaging and vulnerable. The influence of Emil Nolde, Marc Chagall, Kathe Kollwitz, and the German expressionists are readily apparent in Carol's paintings.

July 28 - August 10, 2012
Reception: July 28, 6 to 8pm
25 Commercial Street, Wellfleet

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