Monday, October 22, 2012

Provence Platters

After college, I spent a year in Germany as a nanny. One of my duties was to assemble the abendbrot in the evening.

Since we ate our main meal at noon, the evening meal was a spread of all things deliciously German: bread, cheese, wurst, pickles, jam and something called quark that's somewhere between yogurt and cream cheese.

Yes, I put on a few pounds. Why do you ask?

Everything was laid out on platters in the middle of the table, with small wooden boards at each person's place. We'd then all tuck in and graze to our hearts' content.

That's why every time I see these Provence Platters in the gallery, I get hungry.

Australian Marketing + Design reclaims wine barrels, giving them a second life as bowls and platters bearing authentic cooper's marks. Surfaces are smoothed and finished with layers of food-safe, organic beeswax. They come as round platters (above) and long, curved platters (scroll down). They're repurposed, but haven't had their former life polished out of them. Each one is different

The photo doesn't do justice to the iron handles. They're substantial - forged by artisans in a Brooklyn foundry. Round platters are also available with a lazy Susan base. Nifty.

Wouldn't that be a lovely thing to serve dinner on? 

Guten appetit!

Click here to see them online, or come visit us in the gallery to see them in person. 

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