Monday, March 17, 2014

Annie Doyle

Meet Annie Doyle, whose woodblock prints capture the connection of sand and sea here on Cape Cod, documenting a way of life on our shoreline.

Born in New Bedford, Annie was introduced to art at age four at Friends Academy, where she was taught by friends of her parents. When Annie and her family moved to the shores of Oyster pond in Chatham, those friends followed one summer to teach at the Ole Village School on School Street. Annie was one of the students.

Just down the street from her house lived husband and wife artists - a photographer and a painter. Dorothy, the painter, taught 10 year old Annie to paint in oils. She continued to pursue the arts in high school and college.

Soon after college Annie returned to Chatham, where she is now married to a fisherman.  

"Life around the shores became a normal activity of clamming, quahoging, scalloping, and offshore longlining," she says of her return to Chatham. She worked on an oyster buy-boat, meeting many watermen who made their living from the shores and the sea. (If you don't know what an oyster buy-boat is, neither did we. Thank goodness for Wikipedia.)

On the Cape, Annie met Lois Griffel, who taught at and owned the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown. It was the beginning of a great friendship and a return to art.

The wood prints are hand pressed on paper to preserve some of the memories of our precious shores and fishermen in the hope that everyone’s interests and efforts will keep the preservation of the seas and the shores alive.

See more of Annie's work on our website - or visit the gallery! Image Size is 7" x 5", matted to 12" x 9" and framed to 13.25" x 10". They are sold both framed and unframed.

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