Monday, April 7, 2014

Kaleidoscope Pottery - nature on your table

"We hope you will use it daily and remember that it was made by human hands in hopes of bringing a reminder of nature’s beauty into your world." - Evelyn Snyder/Kaleidoscope Pottery

Kaleidoscope Pottery takes handmade, nature-inspired pottery to a whole new level. It is made by hand in Massachusetts, with locally gathered leaves. If it's a piece of Massachusetts you're looking for, this is it.

They start by rolling out clay and cutting it into what will become the final shape. Leaves are then arranged on the raw clay, and rolled in to transfer the texture and details. 

With the leaves still on the clay, the slab is pressed into a form to give it shape, and is sprayed with a layer of colored slip. The leaves are then removed, leaving the natural color of the clay behind. 

After the piece has been bisque-fired, it is dipped in clear glaze and fired again. Since the entire surface is covered with this glossy, lead-free glaze, food will not stick to the clay.

"We strive to make pottery that is inspired by the natural world," they say. "All of our pottery is handmade from stoneware, and holds up to everyday use."

It really is meant to be used. They sell their work to restaurants, where it is washed in industrial dishwashers - so yes, it's dishwasher safe!
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